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We guarantee that you will obtain a high profitability by integrating with the TERRA BEATI Corporate, as we are a company where we are professionally committed to our commercial partners, always trying to have real products and solutions of high quality standards without deceiving the final customer.
As a trading partner you will get, among other things: presence in the business and industry correct, success, experience, training, profitability, a large margin of utility and why not? You can make great friends!
Also in the process of manufacturing our products we take as main ingredients the use of recycling material, novel design, long durability and energy alternatives that help protect the environment.


Independent Partner

Free yourself and build your future by starting your business in your free time and depending on your effort and perseverance you will generate greater income.
You can start your business from the comfort of your home, office even while you are enjoying a beach vacation!
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Authorized Service

By training as an Authorized Technician you will have the opportunity to obtain very good profits for your installation, maintenance and repair service contracts.
We offer a wide range of educational resources, with a rich history of our products.
We are especially qualified to bridge the gap between innovation and the real solutions required by professionals.
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Authorized Dealer

This option is great to have a distribution point where you can better serve your customers.
You will have to make a minimum investment for an initial order and you will receive at no cost, training, publicity, exhibition furniture and products without cost to make an excellent showroom, sponsorship for fairs, expo, talks, conferences and many benefits. For business inquiries please use this formalized: Contáctenos


This business development program is designed to help you create new opportunities, grow your business and improve the value proposition for your customers.
With our KNOW-HOW we have the perfect business strategy to join together for a Franchise, we can enter new markets, leverage new technology, develop a product of exquisite commercial value and obtain a huge dividend.
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